The Dog Behind The MeMe

Read about how our photo of our little Rigby went from this to an overnight sensation.

"We all know the meme."

With over 3 million shares, the internet fell in love with the ‘flower dog’. But how did the picture even come about and just who is that dog?

You might be surprised. The dog in the meme has one heck of a story
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K9 Cancer will effect 1 out of 3 dogs in todays world. It is important that we show them ​Support. It is important that we Fight for Them. It's important that we have Their Back" Let Not One Suffer In Silence" 

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Love, Life & Leukemia
Rigby Miller
This is the story of our little baby boy Rigby. He is currently battling Acute Leukemia. We want to share with you a little about how this has effected our Family and most importantly Rigby. Learning from the one we love has taught us so much and continues to teach us something new each day. Please take a moment to allow us into your life to share with you, 
Love, Life & Leukemia 

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​Custom Socks

September 24, 2016

November 1, 2016

Little Rigby's Legacy Must Live On. Learning to live with and fight cancer through his journey will help educate millions. We ask for your help and support in our new journey. Time is of the essence and every penny counts! We thank you for your support in our time of need.
Get your own custom pair of Rigby socks for $16.00. The money raised will help him in his "fight for life"! These charismatic socks feature Rigby in his most Famous Picture Pose ever. Buy them today and wear them tomorrow. With each step you take you will help fight cancer!



September 24, 2016

September 15, 2015

No better way to show your support than to wear it on your chest. We have made a veriety of custom designs for Rigby's
t-shirts. Each one in its own way brings a message of both love for life and the hate for cancer. All monies earned will be used to help Rigby, "Fight This Ugly Disease"
Please help spread the word, tell the world Rigby's story. Things as simple as a Facebook "Like" or "Share" can make a difference. All the love and support Rigby receives may help others in need. Help tell his story. Thank you all,
With Love Rigby
Food for Thought
Here is some important information supplied by WebMD concerning Canine Cancer. Early detecting is one of the most vital and essential factors to winning the battle. Knowledge is key!